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Board Members

Pernetha Smith 

Excutive Director- Pernetha has a BSW from Virginia Union University.

She continued on the legacy of her parents Harold and Ivy Smith starting Village Enrichment programs in 2003. In 2012 after the passing of Ivy Smith she renamed the organization to the natural ivy foundation and stretched her outreach to include housing programs for homeless youth.

Elihu Smith 

 Director- Elihu has a BA in history/political science from Virginia Union University. He has been working with the organization since recieving his degree in 2006. Elihu has experience in special education and youth counseling.

Tannika Wattford

board member- has been working with the organization since 2004. She is an advocate for agriculture and fresh food in urban communities. Her endeavors spear headed vegetables stands in washington D.C. inner cities and surrounding areas. 

James Butler

Board Member- James has been working with Natural Ivy foundation since 2004. He is an advocate for Social Justice

Paris Smith 

Board Member- Paris has been working for the organization since 2004. She is an advocate for agriculture and entreprenuership. she is the spearhead behind the foundation's vintage shop.

Cher Rue

Board Member- Bobby Has been a cook at natures hotline vegetarian restaurant for over 20 years. she specializes in preparing food closet to nature. 

Tequalia Pace 

Board Member- Tequalia has been with the organization since 2004 she has a passion for serivice and the greater good of her fellow man. 

Shannon Jones  

Board Member- Shannon has BS in  Business Administration from Bethune Cookman College. He has worked as a Community resouce adminitrator in Watts, C.A. and is now teaching woodworking to school aged students.

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